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Are your books in order? Is your back office meeting your needs as well as it could? If not, why not? Green CPA can help make these problems go away with accounting solutions tailor-made for your organization.

Good Record Keeping I: Your Key to Optimal Tax Returns

Complete, accurate, timely records make it possible to file complete, accurate, timely returns. Good record keeping cuts the cost of filing, because there’s less work to do to prepare your returns. What’s more, timely filing results in quicker refunds, and reduces the risk of late fees and penalties.
A full accounting of your ordinary and necessary business expenses ensures that you’re not leaving potential business deductions on the table. Of course, this includes holding onto your receipts to back up the transactions. It also means working with someone who understands the deductions for which you may be entitled.
In the event you’re audited by the IRS, good record keeping improves the odds of a favorable outcome. With good records, you’re able to back up your claims, and you’re less likely to under-report income or make erroneous deductions.

Good Record Keeping II: Your Key to Business Success

Good record keeping has a cost, but it has many benefits. With good records, you know how much you’re spending, and where you’re spending it. You then have the power to make better business decisions while moving resources where they can do the most good.
Good record keeping puts you in a better position to detect and eliminate waste, fraud, and theft.

Good recordkeeping also means you’re not co-mingling funds, which is often a problem for small businesses, that can compromise legal protections you might otherwise have on personal assets.


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