Financial Statement Review Services Offered in Chicago and Suburbs

Audit, Review and Compilation Reports

If you are a small business owner, you may be aware that a CPA can be engaged to audit your company’s financial statements. But did you know that additional services are available, such as reviews and compilations?


Why Do You Need an Audit, Review or Compilation?

An audit or review adds assurance to your company’s financial statements, lending credibility and reliability to them. An audit or review may be required by the government or other entities with whom you want to do business. Some entities that may request an audit or review are:

  • Banks, when they want to provide loans for your business expansion

  • Investors, who are not directly involved in the management of the company

  • Government
  • Your vendor companies when they sell their products or services on credit

  • Leasing companies

  • For internal management or when you work on your company’s income taxes

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