Green Label Certification

What Is ‘Green Labeling’?

 Green labeling is the certification that goods or services meet specific sustainability-related standards. Green labeling enables consumers and businesses to make better informed decisions about their purchases. It also provides uniform standards to which businesses may pursue in order to differentiate their products and be good corporate citizens.

What Types of Green Labels Are Available in the Market?

 There are nearly 400 green labels available in the market issued by government, non-profit and other entities.  Some notable green labels are:

  • Energy Star for practicing energy efficiency methods

  • USDA Organic for products that contains organic ingredients

  • Green-E certifies generation and use of renewable energy
  • Rainforest Alliance Certification encourages sustainable land use, business practices, and protection of  wildlife and local communities.

  • Fair Trade Certified certifies fair price, labor conditions, direct trade

How We Can Help You to Get Your Products Green Labeled?

 We assess your product or service and advise the type of green label that will be most appropriate. We will make sure that it complies with all the requirements and do the necessary paperwork to get your product or service green labeled.


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