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Is your business doing as well as it can?

Is it taking advantage of the many opportunities and incentives of being more sustainable? If not, you may want to consider Green Consulting from Green CPA. We specialize in a Triple Bottom Line focus to help your business to thrive, saving money by implementing sustainable practices.


What Is the Triple Bottom Line, and How Does It Impact Me and My Business?

Historically, the “bottom line” refers to financial profit, in dollars and cents. While important, the traditional bottom line is an oversimplification. In reality, many considerations go into a business decision, and there are many outcomes, not just financial. The triple bottom line recognizes this fact. Instead of one type of outcome, it has three: social, environmental and financial (otherwise known as people, planet and profit).

The old way of thinking is like having blinders on; it forces the business to ignore potentially important, not to mention cost-saving and profit-making considerations. The triple bottom line’s broader view frees your business to consider information you may not have thought of before, leading to broader-based, better decisions, and better results: social, environmental, and financial.

For example, implementing an energy efficiency project will likely save you money on utilities or minimize waste disposal fees. But you will also be reducing pollution, which is good for both people and the environment. In other words, you’re creating a win-win-win situation. Let Green CPA’s Green Consulting help you and your enterprise develop a winning strategy.

Are You Considering a Sustainable Project or More Sustainable Practices?

Whether your already a green business or are just wondering what type of projects might make sense for your business, Green CPA can help you. Our services range from stand alone project evaluation to more comprehensive green makeovers. For example, suppose you have an idea to add solar to your roof. We can help you decide if the numbers make sense. Or maybe you’ve had an energy audit but now you’re faced with a laundry list of recommendations but not sure where to start. We’ll work with you to come up with an implementation plan that makes sense for you and your budget.


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